If your child has head lice or nits, don’t panic!

Luckily, help is at hand. As kind to your children as a nurse should be, Nit-Nurse is a non-toxic, natural formula that provides a safe alternative to today’s chemical-based head lice treatment. Head lice are never pleasant – but with Nit-Nurse, they will be gone.

best treatments for head lice best treatments for head lice

  • Quick: Goes to work in minutes
  • Soothing: Natural oils for itchy heads
  • Effective: 10 mins to get rid of lice
  • Safe: No Chemicals & Non -Toxic
  • Recommended: Natural treatment
  • Value: Free head lice comb included

Head lice and nits

Nobody likes the idea of dealing with head lice or nits, but the more informed you are the quicker you can get to grips with the problem and get rid of it. Here at nit-nurse.com we provide a comprehensive guide to the facts about head lice and nits, explaining what they are, how to spot them and how to treat them. We also supply a shampoo that repels head lice, and a gentle effective serum to eradicate nits.

Nature's own treatments

The British Association of Dermatologists reports that over the years some head lice have become resistant to the insecticides that have been used to treat them. For this reason, and to avoid the use of harsh chemicals, many individuals are now using to the Nit-Nurse range of natural products, including Nit-Nurse Nit Removing Serum and Nit-Nurse Head Lice Repelling Shampoo.

Nit-Nurse ingredients include nature's anti-parasitic oil, Olea europaea, and a powerful natural disinfectant, Eucalyptus globulus, which work together to safely eradicate lice. Nit-Nurse works in 10 minutes, but it is mild enough to leave in for up to an hour.

Common myths

Many people worry that an infestation of head lice is a sign of poor hygiene and unclean hair – but this is not true. Head lice and nits are a worldwide phenomenon and are very common among schoolchildren, particularly at the start of the school year. It is best to be particularly vigilant at that time of year and to check children's hair regularly during the early weeks of the school term.

Some parents tend to panic if there is an outbreak of nits or head lice at school. Yes, they are unpleasant, but although head lice will make your scalp itch and make you want to scratch, they are not known to cause disease. There are very effective non-toxic treatments available that will soon take care of the problem. In fact, it's a good idea to keep a bottle or two of Nit-Nurse serum and shampoo, plus head louse combs in the medicine cabinet so you have supplies to hand if they are suddenly needed.

You cannot get head lice from contact with animals, or pass it on to them, and head lice can't fly – they have no wings – or jump from one person to another. Instead, head lice usually climb from one person to another when there is direct, head-to-head contact.

One step at a time

If a child develops an itchy scalp and is scratching constantly, the first thing to do is carry out a thorough examination of the hair. Besides the very common problem of dandruff there are a number of conditions that can cause this symptom, including psoriasis and eczema – the British Skin Foundation provides information on these and other conditions and lists treatments for them on their website.

To confirm a diagnosis check for a live louse on the scalp and for any louse eggs (nits) very close to the roots of the hair. Nits that are further away from the scalp may be the residue of a previous infestation, and may be dead or have already hatched; they can simply be combed out. If a diagnosis of head lice is confirmed, simply reach for the Nit-Nurse serum and get to work right away.


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If headlice break out in your area the priority is to protect as best as possible the people not yet infested, by halting the spread of parasites by effective treatment!

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Explore this site to learn more about Head lice. See why thousands of parents and schools choose Nit-Nurse, and read some of the FAQs we have received from concerned parents just like you. Around 20 million people worldwide are affected by a head louse infestation each year. They are not a sign of poor hygiene, nor do they mean you have been a neglectful parent. But they are a nuisance! This website is all you need to know about Nit-Nurse. Our Head lice lotion is a hair nit solution and remedy and treatment that removes louse, hair-lice, and hair-louse, effectively and naturally. Nit-Nurse, treats hair, eggs in hair and head louse infestations. With insects that live in the hair and to eliminate hair nits or prevent head lice on children choose Nit-Nurse. This is a nit treatment to get rid of the nitty-gritty of hair parasites. Nit-Nurse is a Natural head lice eradicator. Product that is non-toxic for head louse by using a nit comb, on long hair and short hair or in ponytails with nits. Nit Nurse is a Natural head lice product. Nit Nurse is a non-toxic remedy. Nit Nurse products come with a head lice combs. Get rid of the nitty-gritty of head lice with Nit-Nurse.